cPanel hosting with multi-PHP & ioncube features available.

In a nutshell

You have the option to purchase VPS or dedicated servers and install your own hosting environment to run this web script, but getting RTC and STUN/TURN hosting pre-configured will save most users a lot of time and money. So while you have the option to set up your own server environment, we recommend simply getting hosting, it’s cheaper and easier.

What you need to run our script

Don’t let this part stress you out. Reach out to us via our contact page and we’ll explain everything to you. We’re here to help.

Script License

In order to run our script, you will first need to acquire a life-time license from our pricing page. You can purchase a single license or a package deal for more than one.

Site Hosting

Our script runs on industry standard cPanel hosting. Your cPanel hosting will need to be equipped with PHP Multi-Selector as well as ioncube loader.

WebRTC Hosting

In order for the live chats to function, you will need a Windows based VPS or dedicated server running the RTC libraries. You can also opt for RTC hosting. In almost all cases RTC hosting is the cheaper rout.


You will require a VPS running a STUN/TURN setup to ensure all connections get through. STUN/TURN hosting is a cheaper alternative you may want to consider.

Domain names

If you intend to setup and run your own VPS servers, you will require a domain with an SSL for each server. You may opt to go with RTC and STUN/TURN hosting which comes with these domains already configured and ready to go. We always suggest hosted RTC. Ask us about it.

Broadcasting Hardware

All you need to broadcast live audio and video is a webcam, microphone, PC or mobile device and a solid internet connection.

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