Fluffvision: Pay Per Minute Chat Software

Are you looking to start your own adult webcam site? Pay Per Minute Chat Software by Fluffvision is for you. We’ve built a ready-made software that will allow you to get up and running in no time flat. The Pay Per Minute Chat Software we offer is a hot seller, so that speaks volumes right there. We offer code with our script, this allows you to make alterations such as color changes and layout alterations. We don’t know of any other company offering Pay Per Minute Chat Software who also give you the option, it’s just unheard of, unless that company happens to be Fluffvision.


What takes place after purchase?

Once you purchase our Pay Per Minute Chat Software you will receive a copy of your purchase via email for your records. After that we will send an installation request over to our installation team so they can get started installing the the software for you. The installation process is multi-tiered, first they check the server environment and ensure the domain name is pointed to the hosting properly, once that is completed they can then start the installation of the Pay Per Minute Chat Software. Installation requires all web files that come with the script to be uploaded to the hosting server, then the database has to be setup. The final stage of the installation actually requires our team to work with you (the customer) to get the proper email address and information input. We currently offer a fre gateways in our script, CC Bill, we offer this gateway for free due to the fact it’s one of the most used payment companies in the world for adult websites. The script is able to work with just about any online payment processing company you want to use, but will require a gateway page to be created for updating member funds in real-time.


Pay Per Minute Chat Software Billing

Our script will work with any payment processing company you want to use, but keep in mind that each payment processing company have their own build style, so each payment company will require a different payment gateway to work correctly with our Pay Per Minute Chat Software. Most all payment processing companies offer documentation on setting up their specific payment gateway, this is helpful to the developer setting it up. They also all have their own set of rules and regulations, this is another reason to make sure you are choosing the payment company that will best align with whatever type of site you intend to run. We have many customers using this script for different types of sites. Our customers use this Pay Per Minute Chat Software for everything from Doctor consultation websites to Psychic webcam sites and guitar lessons. So not only is our script great, it’s super versatile as far as what you use it for. In most cases to use it for anything other than adult webcamming is as easy as changing some text and colors. So there is no major overhaul that is required to use it for anything other than an adult webcam script. 

Pay Per Minute Chat Software

Our adult vdieo script offers a fast reliable WebRTC driven chat system that works on PC, MAC and most all moble devices. We run lightweight PHP and JS to ensure a great user experience. Contact us today about getting setup with our pay per minute chat software.
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