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If you’re looking to start your own pay per minute webcam site, you’re going to need a solid platform that you can trust. We offer a great solution for virtually any website based on paid or non paid, one-to-many broadcasting. Our software is built using the latest WebRTC streaming technology and offers fast, reliable, HD quality video with near zero latency.

Pay Per Minute

Pay Per Minute chat solution.

Two-Way Video

Two-Way paid video chat.

Paid Group Chat

Pay Per Minute Group Chat.

Live Tips

Receive tips live in chat.

Pay Per Minute Adult Webcam Software

Our adult webcam software offers a swift solution for those seeking to start a webcam site. Our adult webcam script offers a complete pay per minute billing system which records and calculates all transactions between broadcasters and members. This system does all the calculating for you, giving you the time you need for more important things. This is a great solution for anybody looking to start a webcam site, for just about anything.

FLUFFVISION Adult Webcam Software

Our script offers a means of bringing together broadcasters and viewers for pay per minute video chat sessions. Members are able to create an account, add funds to their account and then spend those funds on tipping or private chat sessions with broadcasters. Broadcasters are able to broadcast live one to many via RTC technology. Broadcasters are able to receive tips from members as well as be available for private chat sessions where the member will pay a set per minute fee. System administrators are able to review accounts, suspend and close accounts and have full control of all main billing features and configuration.
Our pay per minute adult webcam script can be used for just about any type of webcam site, too. Want to start a Psychic webcam site? You can use this script to do it. Pay per minute webcam sites all run pretty much the same way, this script has already been used for adult webcam sites, psychic webcam sites, learning sites, medical sites, live auction sites, church sites and more. The script code to make site alterations is available with your purchase, so you or your designer can alter the code to achieve any alterations you need.

Getting Started With Our Adult Webcam Script

Trying to find the best Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software can be very time consuming, confusing and just plain frustrating. It does not have to be that way. What we offer is a a pre built Pay Per View Web site. This is ready to run and just requires hosting. How much easier can it get than that? After purchase we will supply you with all the needed files to get your site up and running. We offer 24/7 technical support for questions you may have about our products along the way. Once your site is up and running you’ll be able to allow registrations so your webcam performers can start broadcasting live. You will be able to review, deny and approve pending performers, you have full control of the admin panel which will allow you to make money adjustments, view payout’s, monitor open live chat sessions, suspend and delete accounts as well as set all per minute fees and percentage payout’s for each and every performer. This adult video chat software nearly runs itself, your job is simply to make sure performers are of legal age and keep track of payout’s. Because member payments are automated through our built in payment gateway you can sit back and be sure that your payments and Adult webcam chat rooms are working perfectly.

Can I Customize The Webcam Script?

Absolutely, the script was built on lightweight PHP and was intended to be customizable, we had some ideas in mind when designing this, first was making it lightweight, fast loading, secure, SEO friendly, affordable and CUSTOMIZABLE! We understand that nobody wants to have a site just like somebody elses, so with the use of basic text editing software you are able to alter the web script text, colors, images, code and other things in order to make it look or work in the way that best fits your needs. We’ve made a great deal of the customization process easier through the use of variables. This makes changing the main colors of the site much easier and faster.

The Adult Webcam Industry

As you may have noticed the adult entertainment industry is continuously bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars per year and is climbing to all new highs every year. This industry is not just owned by those same big rollers that have owned it all in the past, now anybody can own a pay per view web site and send traffic to it. These webcam sites have cost webmasters tens of thousands of dollars to have built in the past. Now, with a multitude of web scripts readily available it’s a lot cheaper to get a site up and running, with one exception, QUALITY. We hear horror stories every day about “companies & developers” not offering support for their product and many other terrible situations, we simply DO NOT and WILL NOT work like that. WE BACK OUR WORK 100%. Our Adult Webcam Software is a fantastic option and for the price it would just be beyond reason to spend a lot more money for a script of lesser quality. Don’t be fooled by companies with poorly built apps. We use lightweight PHP code to ensure a smooth, fast and reliable web script that can handle everything you throw at it. Get started now by sending us an email. We can walk you through what you need as well as what you don’t need, we can help you all along your journey to make this a nice easy learning experience. Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software is almost always a better solution than having a web site built from the ground up, although we do offer custom builds, it still makes more sense to go with pre-built paid adult video chat software, and simply customize it to look and work the way you need it to. We can get you started today, send us an email, we are available 24/7.

Just A Few Reasons To Buy

01. One-Time Payment
We charge a one-time fee for our webcam script.
02. Lifetime License
We offer a lifetime license for this script version. No renewals.
Lifetime Support
We offer lifetime technical support for our script.
Our pay per minute adult webcam script offers HD quality video with zero latency. This script offers a responsive design and uses an RTC based chat system to ensure that your streaming video is working properly on all devices, across the web.
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