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Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software

We offer the best in powerful, turnkey Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software. We power over 4,000 Adult and Non Adult web sites worldwide. We have gained the trust of our customers and industry professionals all over the world simply by doing what we love to do. Coding great high quality Software is our passion and we absolutely love what we do. Our script versions come with Free Updates as they are released. Our script is Fully Customizable so you can make any and all changes you need to in order to customize the script to best fit your needs. Our Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software offers a robust Flash Streaming Video Chat Software area with two way video chat and high definition (HD) streaming capabilities to make your video chat session stand out over the rest. Our Adult Chat Script offers features such as two way video chat, a pay per minute adult webcam billing system, tipping options and much more. Our script uses lightweight PHP and Flash to produce a very powerful and robust Pay Per View Adult Video Chat Software worthy of praise. We have been designing Adult Webcam Software since the late 1990's and have some of the best Flash developers in the industry working on our design team. When we design any type of Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software, we design it with the customer in mind. This should be a fun experience, not a horrible one. Over the years we have done very well and it's due to the fact we realize most of our customers are not "Web Designers" so with that in mind we know we need to design a Pay Per View Adult Webcam Script that is easily altered, CSS can be horrifying to a newcomer to the design world, so we have simply divided the CSS as well as all of the PHP code out into sections, this allows our customers to alter each individual page themselves with a lot more ease than we have seen in any other script so far. We never really understood the point in NOT offering the code or having it hidden away, encrypted etc. Everybody WILL want something different and we feel they should be able to alter it to fit their needs. Good luck customizing other scripts on the market, most of the code is encrypted or simply does NOT work in the first place. Always trust your gut when it comes to making a purchase but remember who has been in the industry the longest when you soak in all the other offers out there. On that note, we look forward to having you on board as a valued customer. Feel free to contact us anytime for more information on how to get started doing this, I promise you, we have the answers. We have been doing this for a very long time. No matter what software you pick to use for your adult cam site, we wish you the best and we're always here if you need us.


How To Start Using Our Adult Webcam Software

Trying to find the best Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software can be very time consuming, confusing and just plain frustrating. It does not have to be that way. What we offer is a a pre built Pay Per View Adult Web site. This is ready to run and just requires hosting. How much easier can it get than that? After purchase we will supply you with all the needed files to get your Adult Software up and running. We offer 24/7 technical support for questions you may have about our software along the way. Once your site is up and running you can start your journey in the adult entertainment industry. You will be able to review, deny and approve pending performers, you have full control to the admin panel which will allow you to make money adjustments, view payout's, monitor live chat sessions for any performers, suspend and delete accounts as well as set all per minute fees and percentage payout's for each and every model. This Adult Webcam Software nearly runs itself, your job is simply to make sure performers are of legal age and keep track of payout's. Since the members payments are automated through our built in payment gateway you can sit back and be sure that your payments are working perfectly.


Can I Customize The Script?

Absolutely, the script was built on lightweight PHP and Flash and was intended to be customizable, we had some ideas in mind when designing this, first was making it lightweight, fast loading, secure, SEO, affordable and CUSTOMIZABLE! We understand that nobody wants to have a site just like somebody else's, so with the use of text editing software available to you on the internet from a multitude of companies (Dreamweaver being the most popular), you are able to easily alter any part of the web script that you need to in order to make it look or work in the way that best fits your needs. We also offer the Flash FLA source files so if you know how to use Adobe Flash you can ever alter the Flash chat section as deeply as you need to.




Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software - Features

Not only do we offer over the top 24/7 customer sales and support for all our customers, we also offer the best script on the market. Spending a fortune on software that comes with little to no customer support is something you can do without. We offer the following with our Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software. Trust us, you will be shocked at the product we offer as well as the level of customer service we offer. No other company can offer this level of quality and service for less.


This is the Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software starting bullet for adult webcam features Free 24/7 Customer Support

100% Source Code

Secure Integrated Payment Gateway

Robust Flash Video Chat

Fast HD Quality Streaming Video

Lightweight PHP Framework

Fast HD Two Way Streaming Video Chat

100% Web Based Streaming Video Solution   (No Extra Software Needed)

Robust Admin Panel

Accurate GEO IP Blocking

Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software By The Industry Leaders



The Adult Entertainment Industry And Our Adult Webcam Software

As you may have noticed the adult entertainment industry is continuously bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars per year and is climbing to all new highs every year. This industry is not just owned by those same big rollers that have owned it all in the past, now anybody can own an adult pay per view web site and send traffic to it. These adult webcam sites have cost webmasters tens of thousands of dollars to have built in the past. Now since there are web scripts available it's a little cheaper to get a site up and running, with one exception, QUALITY. We hear horror stories every day about other companies not offering support for their product and other terrible situations, we simply don't and WILL NOT work like that, WE BACK OUR WORK 100%. Our Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software is second to none and for the price it would just be beyond reason to spend a lot more money for a script of lesser quality someplace else. Don't be fooled by the prettiness of other scripts or software, it's what's under the hood that counts in the end. We use lightweight PHP and Flash code to ensure a smooth, fast and reliable web script that can handle just as many members and performers as the big boy adult web site's. Stop saying "I wish I had an adult webcam site" and just do it already, it starts by sending us an email. We can walk you through what you need as well as what you don't need, we can help you all along your journey to make this a nice easy learning experience. Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software is always a better solution than having a web site of this magnitude built from the ground up, although we do offer custom builds, it still makes more sense to go with a script and simply customize it to look and work the way you need it to. We can get you started with our Pay Per View Adult Webcam Software today, shoot us an email, we are available 24/7.



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